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Bruce Springsteen raises the hope with the new album "High Hopes"

MaryG By MaryG | January 26, 2014 | United States

The message of the Boss is clear, we must look ahead also at a time of crisis like this and he says it clearly in the title of his new album.

It's called "High Hopes", the eighteenth work  in the career of Bruce Springsteen and it released January 14, although for a "mistake" Amazon has made it downloadable for a few moments, a few days before the official release, so that  was already on the cloud via digital music piracy.

After the bitterness of Wrecking Ball, the disk in which  you could hear the anger for an America and a world betrayed by the pirates of finance, finally here again hope.

The Boss shows the way once again while using words not his. In fact, "High Hopes", the song that gives title to the album, is a cover of Tim Scott McConnell. "I have a wife, I would like to have children, I want to look in their eyes and to know they have a chance." The text seems very topical.

When it was written was 1987 and Reagan leaded America that leading the world, when the Boss recorded it for the first time in 1996  the growth in America had the face of Clinton. So those phrases seemed a message of hope for those who had the American dream under the eyes but they were still cut off. Today, they could all pronounce them.

It 'a disc with a difficult story  to reconstruct, it brings together the abandoned songs never recorded, it covers of other artists, new versions of the songs performed live several times. In short, "High Hopes" is first and foremost a child of Springsteen's desire to get back on stage and "on the road".

Today  January 26, from Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town (South Africa) started a new series of concerts. The rumors announced a spring in the U.S. and we have to wait until the end of 2014 or next year to hear him in Europe.

In addition to High Hopes there are two other covers have already been tested live: Just Like Fire Would of Saints and Dream Baby Dream of Suicide. The novelty lies in the sound. Springsteen called Tom Morello, former Rage Against the Machine guitarist who had replaced last year in the Australian tour the lifelong friend Little Steven committed to his acting career.

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