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Canada, ghost ship coming tsunami

Erika By Erika | March 25, 2012 | Canada

Sighted off the coast of British Columbia, was "playing" from Hachinohe, 10,000 kilometers to the west: is in good condition

A year to the sea, even a year and a couple of weeks: any sailor would emerge weakenedBut not on board the mysterious vessel that is about to land on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, or at least pass by.   It is, in fact, a Japanese vesselhad escaped the tsunami of 11 March 2011dragged off by the waves and seennow by a Canadian air defense.

Marc Proulx, maritime coordinator for the Joint RescueCoordination Center (JRCC) of British Columbia,said: "It looks pretty solid even if it is streaked with rust for a year at sea." The ship is part of one of the many giant fieldsof floating debris that formed after the terrible earthquake, tsunami attached. Nowit is about 120 nautical miles from the Queen CharlotteIslands, near CapeSt. James. Afterthe sighting by the Canadian Air Force, already on 20 March, and after checking that there was no one on board ("At least no one indanger," said another member of the JRCC), were contacted authority  of Tokyo that have identified the owner of the vessel through the chassis number. The boatwas intended for fishing for squid, and began his long and dreary journey fromHachinohe, Aomori Prefecture. May conclude now about 10,000 km away.

The ship, whose name was not disclosed, is not the onlyremnant of the tsunami that seems destined to arrive in Canada,  Alaska and Washington stateSeveral predictions are in fact that by 2013 the coast of Vancouver Island should start getting debris mass, after several finds of material from China and South Korea have taken place in recent months, particularly in Tofino and Ucluelet. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in fact, "surf" still several clumps of material from the damaged areas.

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