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FBAA - A Fashion Business Development Organization for Emerging Designers in the American Market

Ivette By Ivette | May 07, 2020 | United States

As the coronavirus changes the face of our planet and how our fashion community operates, the Fashion Business Association of America is working with our global leaders in supporting a new beginning for the fashion and retail industries around the world.

With irrevocable change taking place across all corners of the fashion industry, the FBAA is doubling down on its mission to help the emerging fashion community navigate the unforeseeable business landscape that has already become a global reality.

We have never had an opportunity where the whole world is simultaneously in reset mode and we have to use that wisely”, says Beth Sobol, Founder & CEO, FBAA.

No company will get through the pandemic alone and the global fashion leaders at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and the Business of Fashion are sharing their insights in how to navigate this storm.

“The industry will change; but change also presents an opportunity to reset, restart, and create a strong foundation for the future of American fashion. The one thing I can promise, is that there will be a future for us all,” Tom Ford, Chairman, CFDA

Steve Trayner, President of the Barbarian Agency in NYC shares his thoughts with the FBAA fashion community: “There is no such thing as security, only opportunity. And, for the last 60 days, all the security in our familiar space of selling beautiful things has deeply changed. The difference forces all of us to push the boundaries of the familiarity. It shakes the dust off the old ideas that have slept in our closets or sat dormant in folders on our desktop. From personal experience, the economic storm has forced me to develop meaning in a way that is new. It has made me investigate new markets, products, and methods. Considering my 2020 resolution has now changed, I suggest setting, and then acting on a new 2020 resolution. Say, "what level of innovation and disruption can I procure”? Ask the question, "if I look at things upside down instead of right side up, what problem will I see that I never knew existed"? As creators, designers, marketers, and builders, this is the most extensive moment in our lifetime to lean into innovation. Don't miss it!”

Fashion firms of every size are having a hard time right now with independent brands being the most vulnerable. During this time of disruption, the FBAA is enhancing  business consulting and educational programing to meet the needs of our new reality. Check

yours Ivette 

Managing Editor of Home Italia USA


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FBAA - A Fashion Business Development Organization for Emerging Designers in the American Market
As the coronavirus changes the face of our planet and how our fashion community operates, the Fashion Business Association of America is working with...
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