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William Friedkin and the Golden Lion for his Lifetime Achievement.

MaryG By MaryG | August 31, 2013 | United States

It has been attributed to American director William Friedkin the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement 70. Venice International Film Festival. The decision was taken by the Board of the Biennale, chaired by Paolo Baratta, upon the proposal of Alberto Barbera, Venice Film Festival's Director.

In the presentation of the proposal to the Board of Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, Alberto Barbera writes that William Friedkin "has contributed in a significant way and not always recognized in its revolutionary at that profound renewal of American cinema, generally recorded in the chronicles of epoch as the New Hollywood".

Having disrupted the rules of the documentary with some television work because of dry gaze, merciless and unpredictable, Friedkin has revolutionized then two popular genres such as the thriller and horror, indeed inventing the modern blockbuster with The violent arm of the law (1971 that won five Oscars, including best film and best director) and The Exorcist (1973, nominated for ten Academy Awards).

He was then director of films ahead of his time as The Wages of Fear (Sorcerer, 1977), Cruising (1980), To Live and Die in LA (1985) and Jade (1995, presented at the Venice Film Festival in Venice Nights) some of them only after extensively re-evaluated as true masterpieces.  

Friedkin has recently obtained a great success with critics and audiences at the Mostra di Venezia 2011 with Killer Joe, shown in competition.

"Venice, especially during the show, it is a spiritual home for me - said William Friedkin - The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement is something that I never expected, but I am honored to accept it with gratitude and love”.

William Friedkin received  on August 29 the recognition before the presentation of the restoration of The Wages of Fear (Sorcerer, 1977), specially made by Warner Bros.

"I consider The Wages of Fear my most personal film, and the most difficult to realize - said Friedkin - Knowing that it is going to have a new life to cinema, is something of which I am deeply grateful to. The fact that the film has its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival,  is something that I await with great joy. It's a real resurrection of Lazarus".

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