Friday, 22 January 2021

How To Make Art From A 340 Ton Rock - Trailer

MaryG By MaryG | September 13, 2014 | United States

Can a rock bigger than a house weighing 340 tons be art? World famous artist Michael Heizer believes so. He's spent a decade working out how to get a giant stone into an art museum. It's going to require a trip of 105 miles along roads that just weren't designed to carry stuff this big. Overcoming the hurdles will cost $10M, and everyone thinks he can't do it. We follow the journey from conception to the rock's final home in the LA Art Museum. Every week Journeyman offers a brand new documentary, fresh out of the cutting room. They're award winning documentaries, some destined for the festival circuit and some for broadcast. The one thing you can know is that here you get to see them when they're fresh, often before they appear anywhere else. To watch them in full go to our VOD platform at www.http://jman.TV - by Journeyman Pictures

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