Terrence N. Tullgren and his DONNIE LEARNS

29th Miami Book Fair International - Terrence N. Tullgren is an independent author, designer, producer and artist who resides in Miami, Florida. Tullgren originally wrote his first children’s activity book, Donnie Makes New Friends, as a means to address a fundamental issue for children with autism, eye contact. After rigorous testing, he realized the book was relevant to all children. That was the catalyst for creating the DONNIE LEARNS series, a number of coloring books that present essential values and serve as a foundation for character development in children and to provide a gentle way to teach the essential behaviors. The Donnie Learns series is a must have for any child. Through simple and direct language fundamental values are discussed in an enticing and heartwarming way. Tullgren consistently uses the device of animal comparisons to bring home lessons for kids in a way they will find relatable and observational. His animal analogies seem to render even the most complex problems sweet and simple. By involving Donnie's mother in these stories, Tullgren provides a lesson for parents, too, showing good and easy ways to handle the emotional issues most every child faces. Every "Donnie Learns" book is also a coloring book, which enables the child to implant the lesson by physically and creatively interacting with the story, making it their own. Tullgren's "Donnie Learns" books make a great collectors series for schools, child care facilities, youth organizations and anyone with a child. It's rare to find books that are both entertaining and that lovingly teach the most critical aspects of good character-building... lessons that can serve a person throughout their life. DONNIE LEARNS series: Donnie learns how to make friends – Donnie learns how to be grateful –Donnie learns Self Love – Donnie learns how to do what he says – Donnie learns the value of time – Donnie learns the value of earning. To buy absolutely!

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