MimiHua, the unique tablet for Kids

Special Christmas promotion. Your kids can browse safe with MimiHua Browser APP installed.


Is it a toy? Is it a game? No it’s MimiHua! A meaningful tool to accelerate learning.

Our kids want to learn to use technology from a very young age these days. They see us using our telephones, mp3 players and computers and they watch us surf the infinite possibilities of the Internet. I often feel that my kids are pre-wired to know how to use these things! They are so fast at learning controls and it does worry me a little to think of the things they are capable of coming across on the Internet when my back is turned for a second. I felt comforted to find out that other parents have felt the same as I did and we managed to share other worries like the issues of cost and durability of our devices when little hands get hold of them! Together with parents, teachers and computer technology experts, we found the solution was quite simple for both homes and schools... a device made especially for kids, that can be personalized as they like and that keeps them safe. The MimiHua tablet has given me the possibility to let the kids explore, learn and feel free.

MimiHua is here! Revealing a unique learning device that is as fun as it is educational, and best of all it is just for kids... even the little ones.

MimiHua:Incomparable for its endless choice of apps and content for every interest. 

MimiHua:Unstoppable material carefully selected by the MimiHua Educative Staff.

MimiHua:Personalization interests, ability and age... you choose which apps you like!

MimiHua:Simple to use whilst keeping material ever changing so your kids don't get bored.

MimiHua:Risk Free fun and learning for kids from 3 years of age.

It’s strong, it’s powerful and it’s fully accessorized it comes with Safety cover, Screen protector, Earphones, Wall charger, Mini USB cable, Cable for 3G connection and Car charger.

MimiHua contains only Apps made for Kids: Mimihua, the safe browser; MimiHua Village; MimiHua Store and other pre-installed kid’s apps so that MimiHua is ready to use right from the box!

MimiHua, the tablet that kids choose for fun and parents choose for the price! Special Christmas discount only for the reader of this email: Only $139 instead of $199.

Visit http://store.mimihua.com/  to learn more; Don't let your kids miss out!

Merry Christmas 



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