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Musicfor International intends to join AWA Academy

ALLIUM By ALLIUM | March 03, 2022 | United States

When music is expressed with magic in its truest essence

Musicfor is an international organization that promotes musical activities all over the world.

Organizes concerts, conferences, festivals and takes care of the record production, publishings, educational, and research activities.

By enriching our spirit through Art we can transform individual lives. Transformed lives enrich our communities. 

This idea runs throughout all of the Musicfor activities!

It is in these areas that Musicfor International intends to join AWA Academy.

In fact, the latter deals with cultural dissemination through audiobooks, innovative means that help users to be more receptive and to develop creative imagination.

The sound, the noises, the the narration of the audiobooks accompanies - like the music - on an imaginary journey that is unique for each user.

More than 800 musicians and professional experts in various areas work together for a common purpose.

Musicfor International's headquarters are in Switzerland (Versoix), with branches in Europe (Italy, England, France) and America (Florida).

Part of our activity is addressed to the humanitarian sector.

We help fund the construction of music schools, the purchase of musical instruments, and the give of scholarships to the best students.

We especially focus on those less favored geographical areas (currently Mozambique, Haiti, Panama, Angola, South Africa, and Ivory Coast).

The funds are collected through several foundations, private donations, organizations of artistic events, through the support of our partners and  through the activity of our two orchestras: the Mission Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and the Mission Chamber Orchestra (MCO).

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