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David Cameron and the education of his Children

david kingstrom By david kingstrom | November 18, 2012 | United Kingdom

David Cameron has said for the first time that he wants to send his children to a state secondary school.

Answering questions from youngsters in a new academy, the old Etonian said it was his intention that his children would not follow in his footsteps and go to public school.

The Prime Minister said that what was happening in the state school system was really exciting. “For first time a revolution taking place” he said.

If he keeps his promise, it would make him the first Conservative PM to entrust his children to the state secondary education system while in Downing Street.

It is believed that Mr Cameron wants to send his children to the new Kensington Aldridge academy, which is set to open in 2014 near their old family home in west London.

The two eldest – Nancy, eight, and Elwen, six – are already state educated. They go to St Mary Abbots CofE primary school in Kensington.

A decision on Nancy’s secondary education will be required before the next election, as she will soon reach the age of 11.

Their third child, Florence, is only two but it is likely that she will also go to a state primary.

Mr Cameron revealed his plans during a question and answer session at the John Cabot Academy in Bristol, where along with his ministers he had held a regional Cabinet meeting in the morning.

He said he wanted to send his three children to state secondaries, even though he himself went to Eton.

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