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Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg (Russia) | Producer | February 21, 2012


IAEA Weekly News
Nuclear or renewables? No! Nuclear AND renewables. Read our article summarizing a panel discussion at this week's Clean Energy Ministerial Conference,...
Bee Technology Group acquires System Integrator AKAMANTA.
Under the Florida Sun, Bee Technology Group is expanding the global systems integrator’s reach. The acquisition has been completed March 2021.
NASA, US, European Partner Satellite Returns First Sea Level Measurements
The data in this graphic are the first sea surface height measurements from the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich (S6MF) satellite, which launched Nov. 21,...
What is the Cyber Unified Coordination Group (UCG),.
On behalf of President Trump, the National Security Council staff has stood up a task force construct known as the Cyber Unified Coordination Group...
Nano Armour™ is a proprietary technology that may be the single biggest technological breakthrough to transform the direct-view LED video screen industry in the next decade!
SOURCE NANO ARMOUR Formulated for the perfect optical mixing, the Nano Armor™ enables stunning visuals that appears soft to the eyes.
Curing Blindness is Just the Beginning. A new article by Newt Gingrich.
The past two years have shown signs of astonishing progress in the field of gene therapy. We have every reason to believe we are at the beginning of...
The opportunity for innovative space applications
Agri productivity, agriculture & food, built environment, Data, digital economy, Emerging and enabling technologies, Industrial strategy challenge...
With the CyberSecurity solution by Akamanta Kids don't worry for Grooming and Cyberbullying attacks or Identity theft
MimiHua: The Cruise Tablet for Kids: Putting a Ship in Their hand bag.
Cruise line finally can offer a Tablet as killer app to bring families with kids on board.
The best tablets for kids
MimiHua is the best tablet for kids
Rai chooses the browser that lets kids safe-surf, MimiHua
MimiHua is a web browser that enables children, between the ages of 3 and 12, to surf safely.
La Rai sceglie MimiHua, il browser per far navigare in sicurezza i bambini
Emoclick LLC e RAINET hanno dato vita a un rapporto di partnership strategica, in cui l’azienda statunitense ha messo a punto una versione...
This is the first MRI capturing the brain activity of a mother kissing her child...
Her kiss has caused a chemical reaction in her baby’s brain. Source Credit : @rebecca_saxe , @MIT
Earth Observations taken by EHDC2
SOURCE NASA The International Space Station was orbiting above the Northern Territory of Australia when this photograph was taken of the Gulf of...
World's First Underwater WiFi is Set Up
Shihada's team, from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, built an underwater wireless system that they've dubbed...
A computer model showing CryoCube’s orbital orientation. CryoCube demonstrates on-orbit thermal management technology. Such technology has a variety...
Marika Dziuba takes to the stage in London at the HP Partner First event evangelising Intel Authenticate and Intel Security.
In front of 400 people Marika was the only female key note speaker on the podium. Also good representation by Sam Bennett for Intel taking to the...
MIT online AI program.
Deadline approaching. Complete the MIT online short course in Artificial Intelligence
Ooredoo autonomous Aerial Taxi reacts in real time to its environment, and it has just landed at the MWC19
Image Source: OOredoo Group. The revolutionary speed and low latency of 5G connectivity means Ooredoo autonomous Aerial Taxi reacts in real time to...
VISION EQ : Daimler's First Car Without A Steering Wheel And Pedals
Autonomous concept car smart vision EQ fortwo: Welcome to the future of car sharing
Gravity Assist Podcast: Looking For Life in Ancient Lakes
SOURCE: NASA / Astrobiologists study ancient lakes on Earth in order to help us search for life in our solar system and beyond. Subscribe to our...
Spacewalk Outside the Nasa Space Station - July 3, 2020
A mighty powerful spacewalk outside the space station, a look at the space station’s next crew, and updates on our Artemis program … a few of the...
NASA. Espacio a Tierra: Amanecer del dragón
Espacio a Tierra, la versión en español de las cápsulas Space to Ground de la NASA, te informa semanalmente de lo que está sucediendo en la Estación...
What is Space Commercial Crew?
NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is working with the American aerospace industry as companies develop and operate a new generation of spacecraft and...
How will 5G change the way rural areas and developing economies access high-speed data?
More than one billion homes in the world today lack a fixed internet connection. Rod Hall of Goldman Sachs Research describes how over the next...
AIPOLY - Vision Through Artificial Intelligence
Alberto Rizzoli and his Team creates Aipoly. The application helped over 350,000 people with visual impairment explore the world through Aipoly...
The Sound & Visions of Silence. Thank you NASA for your remarkable work.
“Sharing the incomparable silent beauty of our planet with all our fellow travelers on this, our Spaceship Earth.” @SergeyISS @Astro_Paolo ...
Inside Elon Musk's hyperloop
Elon Musk has started the building revolution for a new train system. Pod Traveling at 201 MPH
Bitcoin: come funziona
Bitcoin: come funziona
Ritorna la superluna in Maggio 2012
La piu grande luna dell'anno, chiamata " "supermoon," sara' la protagonista di questo fine settimana, fenomeno molto bello da vedere potrebbe pero'...

Russia, Saint Petersburg

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