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With the CyberSecurity solution by Akamanta Kids don't worry for Grooming and Cyberbullying attacks or Identity theft

Tech Guy By Tech Guy | September 13, 2017 | Russian Federation


“Inability to Switch Off” -the syndrome that has stricken the techno-liquid postmodern world- is part of the context in which digital natives, the children of today, are growing up.

According to CIA Factbook data, the potential number of digital natives between the ages of 0 and 14 has risen to almost 2 billion (1.860.463.578)

Curiosity and imprudence are pushing children and teenagers to be more and more adventurous without having the necessary awareness of the Internet. Just as a child would be monitored while watching the television, their online activity should also be monitored.

It is easy to stumble upon inappropriate images that are not suitable for young web-surfers and the most part of this content is of a sexual or pornographic nature. Happening upon these images does have psychological consequences, the main problem being increased levels of anxiety caused by the difficulty to process such information.

Surfing the web also means the possibility of coming across certain “philosophies” such as “pro ana” (anorexia) and “pro mia” (bulimia), false myths that have the power to transform an idea into a cult.

Grooming” is a technique used to entice minors using new technology by way of an adult gradually introducing a child to overcome their resistance to certain psychological manipulation techniques. The “groomer” aims to gain the trust and collaboration of the victim that they have contacted online with the goal of later involving them in sexual activity, even on an “offline” basis.

The latest problem that has perverted society is “sexting”, which indicates the practice of sending and receiving texts, images and videos of a sexual nature.

Sexting makes online bullying or “cyberbullying” easier as it insinuates acts of oppression, humiliation, molesting and aggressive action towards a victim, behind the mask of electronic means such as instant messages (IM’s) and social networks.

Where young victims of cyberbullying are more susceptible to states of depression, anxiety and difficulty in concentrating, cyberbullies are even more likely to continue the risky behaviour. 

Akamanta, dba Bee Technology Group (BTG), a company with headquarters in The United States, over the years have been studying non-invasive hardware and software, looking at the reasons in which youngsters wish to connect online and constructing an ecosystem (an enclosed circle) where the youngest children and teenagers alike feel safe as they grow with a friendly brand that they won’t leave behind as it takes care of all of their hardware and editorial needs.

Installed in millions of Android devices built in China this CyberSecurity solution is the Key. And about keys a BlockChain is going to be inserted for major protection against Identity Theft

Tablets and Smart phones with a pre-installed MimiHua Launcher and a Browser allow parents to experience “safety” by configuring secure and impenetrable areas, where young web-surfers can use all of the aforementioned functions, and can log in at any moment to see web history that children/teenagers would usually delete on conventional browsers.

MimiHua is a brand, which is registered on a global scale and has created a Trust Value Network with many American families over the years. It is comprised of various components both of hardware and software.

The Launcher for Android mobile devices, which allows the adult to create secure solutions with a safe mode for each child that works by selecting the Apps that each particular child is allowed to use. The Launcher can be taken off of child mode only by inserting the parent password. When the parent uses the device, eye contact remains with the MimiHua brand or that of a partner if the White Label version is chosen.

Inside the Launcher, the MimiHua owned Browser allows endless content, which has been pre-selected according to category and age range and that doesn’t allow anything to be opened that hasn’t already been okayed by a parent.

External links are disabled to keep the child mode as safe and protected as possible. Content is constantly updated by the BTG staff and Partners.

The solutions allow children to enjoy curiosity, to play, search and share content in a fast universe of possibility by offering each parent a smart instrument to guarantee the digital development of their children, to control times and habits of use without a care in the world while allowing all of the opportunity that technology has to offer.

The various campaigns of institutional information regarding Internet trends are useless seen the prevalence of young web-surfers is to do the opposite and follow curiosity.

The Akamanta App for Augmented Reality is coming and will be inserted in the MimiHua environment giving the Kids learning tool in a funny way

BTG is active in Social Responsibility donating MimiHua tablets for various occasions: Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital (ref, Jackie Johnstone), Unicorn Children’s Foundation (Autism) (ref. Donald Trump), Bambin Gesu’ Hospital (ref. Dr. Massimiliano Raponi).

by Roberto Masiero

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