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Rai chooses the browser that lets kids safe-surf, MimiHua

Tech Guy By Tech Guy | October 29, 2012 | United States

MimiHua is a web browser that enables children, between the ages of 3 and 12, to surf safely.

Emoclick LLC and the RAINET SPA have triggered off a strategic partnership, which enables children to safe-surf using the innovative browser, MimiHua. The product, personalized for Rai Yoyo, was lifted off the ground with presentation at the ‘Cartoons on the bay’ event.

MimiHua is a web-browser that enables kids, between the ages of 3 and 12, to surf the web safely whilst guaranteeing parents a child-compatible user experience. The browser does just this by offering kids the possibility to search and surf exclusively amongst RAI verified and approved websites.

MimiHua was created because:

46.6% of kids who surf the net have a computer in their own rooms.

22% surf between 1 and 4 hours a day.


24.9% of kids say that they have run into displeasing images on the web.

20.5% claim to have been bothered by adults on chat.

13% admit to having entered in sites that are forbidden to adolescents and kids including Facebook.

Most kids (68.6%) use the Internet without adult or parental control.

(Source: 7th National Report on the conditions of childhood and adolescence.)

Thanks to this agreement, from April it will be possible to download MimiHua also in Italy on raiyoyo.it.

Rai, standing by its public service role, will be able to offer the opportunity of secure surfing to children and parents alike.

Through its own consulting service, Emoclick will support Rai towards the continuous development of the functionality of this product and working towards making MimiHua a unique browser in the Italian web panorama.

Roberto Masiero, General Manager of Emoclick LLC, comments: “The agreement with Rai is part of a general project, which is vaster than our company can see, working to supply important national editors with new multimedia solutions in order to support them in the growth of their businesses. MimiHua just adds to the huge range of products that we manage but, because of this product’s uniqueness, it represents an innovative solution capable of personalization for any editor. A particularly positive relationship of collaboration has been established with Rai based on our mutual abilities, which have enabled us to create a product specifically for Italian children. Working along side an editor like Rai is a strength for us, enabling effectiveness in reaching our mutual goals.”

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