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Infidelity in aisle three

david kingstrom By david kingstrom | August 17, 2013 | United Kingdom

Is shopping at Waitrose a sign a chap is cheating?

A survey has examined the shopping habits of those who are considering an extra-marital affair.

Dating website quizzed their 800,000 members to find out more about their shopping and cheating habits.

Those polled who had started an extra-marital relationship admitted to eating healthier and spending more money on supermarket "best" ranges of food.

Thus Mr Taylor, a spokesman for the website,  said what is in your partner's shopping trolley can be a "dead giveaway" of whether they are, or intend, to cheat.

He said: “Becoming more concerned with one's health and diet is often a dead giveaway for an affair, shopping for healthier or buying organic food can indicate a new relationship and a keenness to take extra care of yourself”.

“We all want to look and feel our best when meeting someone new as we are viewed in a totally different light by this person; it's a chance to reboot ourselves and start a-fresh”

He added: “This is as much about a change of routine as it is health driven. Trying new foods and breaking eating habits is intrinsically linked to a change of mind-set when deciding to start an affair”

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