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Receving the "Call to Service Award" given by President Obama

Rita  Verreos By Rita Verreos | June 20, 2012 | United States

Receving the "Call to Service Award" given by President Obama

Receiving the "Service to Call" Award from Mr. Jose Alejandro, Founder and Director of VOS

Mr.& Mrs.Valentin, the people responsible for nominating me for this prestigious Honor

My son, mom & dad, my boyfriend, my daughter & my best friend:)

I recently received the Highest Honor in Volunteerism given by The President of the United States. Thanks to an introduction by whom I refer to as a "Guardian Angel" because he's always putting me in front of anyone and everyone he can to help me any way he can, Eugene Williams. Last year, he asked me to help him Co-Host a Silent Auction: click here: Host of Longhorn Live Radio Show%2C 2011 Sitting next to me was Mrs. Marie Valetin, President & Co-Founder of the Monte Christo Center for Voluteer Development. I immediately made myself available asked her to, please, call on me, should she feel I could help her in any way. One of the events I was so happy to be a part of was a Food Drive: the Tejano Octoberfest . Here we are, last summer, receiving an award from Esperanza Calvillo (middel) for "Mentorship" in the San Antonio Government's Summer Ambassador

Program that she directs.I've always said that my experience on SURVIVOR FIJI has been the gift that keeps on giving to me in ALL areas of my life. I'm so very grateful that I try to use it as much as a gift to give back to others. Heck, I know I didn't go out there and starve/dehydrate for nuthin'! I've also always had a winners/positive mentality so I had to make it a winning experience. I NEVER dreamt that it would lead to me winning this AMAZING "Lifetime" Achievement Award in Volunteerism: The President of the United States "Call to Service Award." This is one of the BIGGEST Honors I've ever received. THANK YOU so much to my dear friend, Mr. Eugene Williams and to Marie Valentin for making this moment of happiness and pride possible for my family and me (below). I was so verklepmt, I thought I was receiving an

"Emmy", really!!! Check it out, ha, ha, ha: If you'r interested in becoming a Volunteer with the Monte Christo Volunteer Center, please click here:

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