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Renaissance Evolution

Roberto Masiero By Roberto Masiero | November 15, 2018 | United States

Renaissance Evolution is a not for profit global think tank, whose core purpose is the understanding of how societies interact, and cultures evolve in the advent of new technologies and global political dynamics. 

November, 2017

Renaissance Evolution strives to minimize the prosperity gap and maximize human potential by promoting global alliances through dialogue.  We showcase social, cultural and policy advances that shape and improve on international relations, peace and innovation.

Our efforts seek to steer these developments into positive outcomes that minimize the prosperity gap and enhance human potential and fulfillment. 

Renaissance Evolution is keenly aware of the direct economic and cultural impact of global business in the markets where investments and operations are executed. Given this direct correlation, it is one of the goals of Renaissance Evolution to ensure that commercial / operational practices of multinational companies are socially responsible and offer a sustainable balance – one that allows for financial growth of these companies, but also induces a permeation of prosperity and wellbeing throughout the communities in which they conduct business

Renaissance Evolution proposes to showcase a better direction, a new international business culture, that can serve as the foundation to flourishing societies. We aim to promote the kind of core values and vision that promote a civil conscience that benefit people of all nations. This concept is about; reciprocity, empathy and sustainability while still positively impacting the commercial bottom-line. 

“Global corporations can lead the change towards establishing a truly reciprocal and symbiotic relationship between business and culture” 

We know these are high aims that may sound impossible to attain. But we must be bold. We must expect more. And we must be willing to take risks. To that end, we propose the creation of a new initiative that represents a new, unified and global business culture model. Renaissance Evolution with the Global Business Sustainability program unites former Presidents, Prime Ministers and other heads of government, with multinational corporate C-suite executives to develop a powerful and influential partnership committed to; long-term sustainable international business development/expansion, corporate social/cultural awareness. We can, and we must utilize the power of the markets to unleash prosperity yet be cognizant of the impact disparate economic growth can have on the people of the world and our environmental patrimony.

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