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Andres Castro By Andres Castro | March 18, 2013 | United States

There are just some moments in life when a person gotta take a big decision that will change the future, but there are a lot of moments where the small decisions change your present and also your future.

 During this article I'm going to explain to all of you the importance of the small decisions we take daily in our life, but with the difference that this time we are going to focus and highlight the ones that will help us in our road to a healthy and “in shape” body and life style.

 Normally we believe that the big decisions are the ones that change our future, maybe in some cases it's true, but not in this case. the life you have today is the result of the thousands of decisions we make one by one, moment by moment. Lets start by giving you an example. It's 3 pm in the afternoon it's been 2 our since you had lunch, now here it come one of the smallest biggest decision that you need to take to change your future lifestyle, “should I stay here in the couch watching TV ?” or “I’m going for a 30 minute run to help my body digest the food”.

 Choosing to be fit and healthy is a decision we gotta make for yourself, not because our family or our girlfriend or boyfriend tell us to, or because you already pay the our with your personal trainer. You gotta do it for yourself. You need love yourself to the point that you choose to change your life to a better one just by taking a small decision like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or by eating and apple instead of a bowl full of icecream. Your body represent your mind and your soul, so let's show the world how beautiful you are on the inside just by letting them take a look of your body.

 Everything you want to accomplished with your body and your life will be the result of a series of small steps. Every muscle gain, body fat decrease, balance and strength improvement has been the result of decisions. Do I go heavier and push it or continue the same way? Do I keep eating clean or cut back? It will always be a work in progress of course but I firmly believe that everyone can improve. So continue to take small steps and decisions every single day and for every goal, do one more pull up or sit ups, hold your plank longer, or run 5 more minutes.

 One of the easiest way of “helping ourselves” is to take those decision in the supermarket, while you are buying your weekly food avoid the snacks, cereal, sweets, cakes etc.., get crazy in the vegetables and fruits section if you want, and make sure to buy clean proteins sources like red meat, chicken and fish. I tell you this because its simple to make the correct small decision of eating an apple instead of ice-cream when in your house you only have apples.

 This decision will be based on one simple thing, is as simple as the decisions you need to make but as important in your life as anything else, this this is called the power of will. When you have total control of this power you can do anything you want and achieve any goal you plan. There is only one way of obtaining and reinforce this power and it is by making the right small decision every time you need to, so my advise to all of you is to stay strong and don’t be afraid of making those decision, because they are going to change your whole life , stay healthy, stay FIT!

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