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Andres Castro By Andres Castro | May 06, 2013 | United States

WORKOUT HARD, EAT CLEAN, SLEEP MORE,stay lean, stay fit stay healthy!

Since the late 40's anabolic steroid have been included in our life, from the olimpics competition to your nearest gym, they have become probably the most common thing to talk about when you start working out, my question is why?

The answer is simple, videos, pictures and articles writen by this lets say “Atlethes” with 45 diameter arms working out and telling people all they need to do is workout 3 times a day everyday of the week for the rest of their lifes, because thats the way of gaining arms that big. Personally this makes me mad and sad at the same time, this people have taken something so beautifull and challenging as workingout and turn it into a cheaing competition in wich the participants are more worried on how to hide the consumption of “ROIDS” that the actual preparaton for the competition. Inside every single gym in the actual world there's at least one steroids consumer, so when this new and skinny kids start working out they see this big guy lifting as much as they weight and they start thinking, what should I do to be like that, and thats the first problem, they are thinking in becoming like another person, instead of trying to obtain their own version of a good physique.

After a long search on the internet this kids find out that the only way of having huge arms is to use steroids such as deca durabolin, GH, insulin or testosterone to make them growth. The internet will always show the people what they want to see, and most of the persons that want to use steroind spend 3 hours serching for results and 30 minutes searching for side effects; in this article im not going to name the side effects becase then this would be a 20 pages essay.

The excess amount of different hormones flowing in your blood stream have a tremendous negative effect on all of your body functions. It's no surprise to see on the news a 22 years old bodybuilder dead because he's hearth stop working. Aziz 'Zyzz' Sergeyevich Shavershian was a famous athlete and steroid consumer, a role model to many persons because of the body he had. Now this is what im talking about, people are trying to become other persons instead of becoming a better version of themselves, in the attemp to copy others they start also using what their idols use, in most of the cases ANABOLIC STEROIDS.

To conclude I just want to say that you are not going to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger without using steroids because is impossible, what you can do instead is, workout hard in the gym or outdoor and obtaining a lean, angular and muscular body that will not implied you selling your body to the devil to have huge muscles for a couple of months to later suffer the hundreds of medical problems steroids cause. Remember that a GQ lean body is scientifically proved more attractive to the opposite sex eyes and most important healthier than a 130 kg steroids full body.



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