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Boy hopes lemonade stand will help with dad's medical costs

Antonio Masiero By Antonio Masiero | April 19, 2012 | United States

A 6-year-old boy in Gladewater wants to help his dad who is battling cancer by raising money for his medical expenses.

Ten thousand dollars a day selling lemonade at 25 cents a glass. It is the undertaking accomplished in Gladewater, Texas, by a 6 year old boy, who wanted to help the sick father.    When Randy Cox, father of three children, was diagnosed with a rare cancer three months ago, his son Drew did not give up "He is so important to me, we love playing together," he said candidly the child, now become a small star interviewed spoke on Kltv.

Saturday, Drew has in fact put a stall in the street to sell lemonade, 25 cents a glass, exposed on the poster the word "please, help my dad." At the end of the day Drew’s family counted the gains of the small: the child was able to collect the amazing sum of 10 thousand dollars to pay for medical expenses of the father.    The boy said he was not surprised at his incredible success: "I knew already that all would come." The Cox family has expressed his immense gratitude to the microphones Kltv to all who have supported the small business of his son.

The small business owner follows the footsteps of Alex Scott, a young girl of Connecticut, which started selling lemonade to fund medical research when she was just four years. The girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (a malignant brain tumor that affects children) at the age of one year, and she wanted to donate the proceeds of its sales to the doctors. Unfortunately Alex did not have it done, and she died in 2004 at age eight, but her battle was carried on by his parents, who gathered with their charity Alex's Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer over 50 million dollars, all destined to cancer research.

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