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Coffee meet doughnut and Nutella by Fernando Santi of Kenilworth Bakery

Cheng By Cheng | January 02, 2018 | Australia

The Kenilworth Bakery has done with a new creation set to drive coffee addicts and sweet lovers crazy.

Combining two fantastic delicacies to beat the rainy weather, the Bakery have launched Australia's first coffee in a doughnut concoction.

The creator was award-winning Victorian barista Fernando Santi, the coffee-doughnut is now on the menu and it is very popular.

The cinnamon doughnut, lined with gooey Nutella and filled with coffee, will have customers lining out the door.

“Our new barista is out of this world,” - owner Jenna Sanders said - “He had the idea and played around with it, using my baking skills. He is from Brazilian and  he knows so much about coffee. It took us about a week to perfect it but they are amazing”.

For just $8 you can try their new doughnut with coffee!!!

The Kenilworth Bakery, nutella dessert bar,  opens on the Gold Coast.

It is a fantastic idea....A delight that you can not even imagine, warm, sweet .... makes you dream!

You absolutely have to try it!!!   Coffee lovers rejoice!

Food Envy
Credit: Kenilworth Bakery

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