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Easter in the United States

Antonio Masiero By Antonio Masiero | April 07, 2012 | United States

"They trample the children," skip the egg hunt Macon

In Georgia, the traditional Easter eggs event was canceled because of the frequent accidents caused by their parents.

Too vigorous,  unbridled spirit of competition and frequent crowd.  All  the fault of adults, but to get hurt are often the smallest.   So the traditional "egg hunt" Easter Macon, Georgia, this year was even canceled.

For the first time in the history of the popular Easter event, among the most popular in the United States, the organizers have announced that this year the Easter Bunny does not hide chocolate eggs in Central City Park.   Joe Allen, one of the leaders of the event, in an interview said that in recent years a woman was injured and many children  “have been trampled” during the hunt. A budget nefarious convinced the organizers to postpone and cancel the party.

Not that no efforts are made during the previous editions, to limit the damage: the park was, for example, divided into areas reserved for different age groups. Nevertheless, in recent years have increased accidents and injuries especially among children.  So, came the drastic decision: the promoters have sought to restore the spirit of the festive event, mindful that "parents should let children hunt. People forget the true nature of the event ... A hunt like this should have to deal only with the spirit of Easter. "

Despite the cancellation of the traditional event in Macon, the residents of Georgiacan still dabble with other egg hunts, many in the State. Among the many stands the "E2: Easter Eggstravaganza" organized by New Hope International Church of Fort Valley. The event offers songs, dances, flea markets and the inevitable hunt for eggs in which young and old, strictly divided into age groups, discard about 24 thousand Easter eggs in the hope of finding the right one. Hopefully no clashes or injuries.

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