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Italian Marathon at New York Marathon 2017

peter g. evans By peter g. evans | November 05, 2017 | United States

3002 Italians will participate today at the most famous Marathon in the world and for that occasion the New York Console of Italy, Francesco Genuardi, opened the doors of the Italian Consulate to receive them at the inaugural event of November 2.

Moving atmosphere that lived in the Consulate for the presence of Leonardo Cenci, a sick athlete of cancer and operated in 2012 the only year in which the marathon did not run, which this year with an incredible strength (supported by many love for sport and so much and palpable faith) will run again the Marathon accompanied by the oncologist Chiara Bernardi. Leonardo Cenci, who has done these 45 years and has been celebrating with surprise at the end of the evening at the Consulate with a cake, said proudly: "Now I will be the first Italian to finish the Marathon with a cancer in the body".     Leonardo, awarded in 2016 and 2017 by the Coni of the medal at athletic value, today struggles with his "Forward All" association to make it clear to patients who live with cancer can and they can even run.          Even that of Franca Fiacconi is a beautiful story to tell. For her to win the Marathon was a challenge with herself. Second in '96 and third in '97, she promised to return to the New York Marathon only after winning the Marathon of Rome and the Italian Championship. So it was and in 98 'won the Big Apple Marathon.

Atmosphere is extremely festive therefore thanks to the very great and motivated Italian presence at this great marathon so much that it has inspired the  #hashtag  "lacaricadei3002"  (read the obvious reference to the Disney movie "The 101's") with which you can follow on social the whole manifestation.

The Console also announced that for the first time in the history of the Marathon between the 90s and 91st Street, on Fifth Avenue, will there an Italian Corner, which will serve as a headquarters for running Italy and where our tricolor will flutter.

The Consul, Francesco Genuardi, reiterated several times at the inaugural event that he wants to make of the Consulate as well as a "Town Hall of the Italians" also a meeting place, meeting and dialogue of the members of the Italian community. A great "square" in the most beautiful way, where you can go, exchange opinions, talk about work, you know it, we compare it.    A place that only survives in Italy in countries or small towns in Italy.

Yesterday, Saturday, November 4, at 6:30 pm at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pompeii, at the Village, was also celebrated an Italian Mass with the splendid Sing Out Loud Choir, to bless the participation of our fellow citizens at the Marathon.     So many Italians shared by love for New York, for sport, and of course for love for their beloved country have experienced something that is so lacking in Italy, a proximity, a feeling of national pride.                Pride even more justified as the Consul explained in his speech: "because the Italian is the largest foreign group that will compete in the New York 2017 Marathon".

So today, Sunday, November 5, 3000 Italians will be expected from over 50,000 who will face 42,195 km in the US city.

Among other things, in the 47th edition of the world's most evocative race along the five Grande Abbey districts, from the Verrazzano bridge to the green border of Central Park, three Italian athletes are included in the top runners: "debutant Sara Dossena, Emma Quaglia and the iridescent of the mountain Francesco Puppi.

At the Marathon, Maurizio Lupi and Sandro Gozi, both Italian politicians, both marathoned, both times in New York. It was just Maurizio Lupi to bring his colleague for the first time to the Big Apple Marathon, and since then their participation has become a tradition.

Maurizio Lupi, President of Ap, revealed that he is at his tenth Marathon and he have the goal of bringing it to an end with his son.

This year, the New York marathon will also boast a sad record: the largest deployment of law enforcement, as New York Police Chief Carlos Gomez said. In fact, after the terrorist attack in Manhattan, there is the fear that similar attacks can muddle even one of the most anticipated and attended events, capable of attracting people from all over the world.

"Measures have  been taken to protect us that you will not see," said Mayor De Blasio, during a television link, "We are confident that everything will go according to plans."

But State governor Andrew Cuomo, however, explained more realistically that it is impossible to "safely secure the entire route," which crosses the five major areas of New York. "It's impossible," he told CNN, "to have physical barriers in front of every single place," he said.

It will be multiplied not only by road safety, but also by the presence of surveillance teams on the roofs of the palaces that will cost the path. Obviously, the number of helicopters will also increase from the top.

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