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Lamassu introduces three new models of multi-currency Bitcoin ATMs, aka cryptomats. The Sintra Family

Liam Adams By Liam Adams | September 25, 2018 | United States

Named after the breathtaking city within the Portuguese Riviera the Sintra is a natural evolution to former Lamassu models, and a culmination of everything they’ve learnt along the way.

Lamassu put three years of hard work into these and they want to share the news with Cybereport now.

The Sintra family models are defined by their sleek all-glass front panels and ssuboard, a computer board Lamassu designed exclusively for their machines. Key features of the ssuboard include a low-heat and low-power ARM processor, battery backup, OS on microSD, on-board 3G and GPS functionality, tamper sensors and alarm, NFC front door control, and a dedicated microprocessor for watchdog services and power management.


Their spiffy new Sintra is a floor standing cryptomat designed for two-way operation, but may be ordered as a one-way machine as well.

Lamassu was also able to reduce manufacturing costs by having a one piece unit, and at €7,500 for the two-way, the Sintra is less expensive than their previous Douro + Santo Tirso two-way configuration.

As it does not have an internal vault, it's recommended it for a secure location.

Sintra Forte

The Sintra Forte is the vaulted version of the Sintra, is wider and deeper in size and has a larger display. It's priced at €8,900 for the basic two-way.

Its vault is fabricated of 6mm hardened steel and has two electronic lock options, a German Wittkopp lock as the default or an upgrade to a Kaba Cencon. The Cencon is recommended if you plan to work with cash collection services such as Garda or Brinks.

Douro II

The Douro II, priced at €5,200, is the newest rendition to Lamassu trusty original countertop Bitcoin machine. Its improvements include an all-glass front panel, 12.1" display, customer-facing camera and ssuboard.

Want to know more?

Head over to Lamassu new website, check out the Q&A section.

Operators, are you up to date?

Lamassu nextgen software platform introduced last year added a brand new admin, support for additional cryptocurrencies, and fine-grained settings for multiple machine management, among numerous other features.

Recent releases continue to add new features and improvements, with another version out this month. Follow Lamassu Support on Twitter for the latest announcements for your machine.

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