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The amazing carrot couple plucked from the ground in an embrace

david kingstrom By david kingstrom | April 13, 2012 | United Kingdom

Green-fingered grandmother Sue Smith, 60, produced this cuddling carrot on her allotment in South Wales

Green-fingered Sue Smith got a surprise when she picked the latest crop of carrots from her allotment in Cwmbran, South Wales.

Among a bunch of normal-looking vegetables, the 60-year-old grandmother discovered an amorous root appearing to embrace.

Two carrots had grown so close in the earth,  one developed 'arms' which wrapped around the other, merging them into one.

Cleaner  Mrs  Smith couldn't bring herself to cook up and eat the cuddling carrot, so she rescued it and it now has pride of place on display in her kitchen.

“All the other carrots came up normal apart from this one. I don’t know why it happened because they were all planted together”  Mrs Smith explains.

“It looked like two carrots having a cuddle and I just thought it was lovely. We couldn’t it eat, it was ‘in love’ and you can’t eat a carrot in love, that’s cruel”

“So, I kept it and took a photo on my phone to show the girls at work and when people saw the carrot they said : that’s mad!”

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