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The Bioenergetic Metabolism of Cancer & Chronic Disease

tonycurtis1 By tonycurtis1 | May 29, 2014 | United States

May 2014 - "Food is Medicine" is the event organized by Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Anna Maria Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida.

They have joined forces with the George W. Yu Foundation and are holding an invitation only focus group of multi-disciplinary experts to discuss the metabolic common denominators underlying cancers, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. In addition to scientists, clinical doctors, and health experts they have invited nutrition journalists, writers, public relations, and social media experts to help build momentum and public awareness regarding the present state of the fight against cancer and the prevention of disease to this private event.

 For the last 80 years it has been known that eating a low calorie nutrient dense diet increases longevity by 30%, arrests cancer growth and preserves the brain from degeneration.  Yet there is neither a drug nor supplement that mimics this phenomenon!

Though so much evidence points to a defective energy metabolism or bioenergetics in so many diseases and simple nutritional manipulations can play such an important role in reversing poor health and chronic diseases, there is little attention, nor awareness, among the lay public and professionals.

The discoveries of new molecules that selectively injure cancer cell energy are too critical to ignore, yet there is no funding to expand the research and development.  They are excited to take the lead in shifting the paradigm from traditional medicine practices. So the initiative of this meeting is to unite and form the consortium needed to bring these concepts to a broad audience – the world.

For more information: Hippocrates Health Institute - Phone: 561-471-8876

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