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Crossville TN ICE STORM in February

samuel  flynn By samuel flynn | April 13, 2015 | United States

Ice Storm Happened in between January and February .

Well this ice storm and snow had made the roads very slick. When a major winter storm hits your area it would be great to have a generator and some non-perishable food items and water, the main agenda would be to prepare yourself for the winter storm because it will very bad and you will be stuck without power and taking showers . I had realized that people cannot live without power,tv,internet or some sort of entertainment because most people are so used to having power,tv,internet and etc… and some people may have withdrawels and cabin fever because there is just nothing to do . Also what had happen was that the cellphone towers would not let your cell call people and even the local radio stations didn’t work for a day or so, but now since this is all over with everything is back to normal,but I  will say its been rough down in Crossville,TN.

Also there was sheets of ice on the cars and trees down and other stuff too.

I would recommend to prepare for natural disasters .

Please watch this video of the aftermath of the ice storm in Crossville,TN :

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