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How to setup two routers on one network

samuel  flynn By samuel flynn | August 05, 2014 | United States

Samuel Brock Flynn : Telling how to put two routers within one network.

How to setup a two routers within one network .

Well you open the routers box look at the instructions and the put the both routers together and then hook one router to the modem the connect the computer to the first router and then you plugin the second router into the first router then their you go two internet networks (wifi) and double speed too. You can make one private and one public .

And no bridging the routers or connection.

I use belkin n300 and belkin n 150 to make this connection.

You might want to experiment with this theory on other networks other than my own connection. Other inernet network providers may not let you do this theory be cause of speed problems and ip problems and possible overriding the network too. JUst check first .


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