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The Relais Borgo Campello: Where Comfort And Fine Service Meet Fine Art and Enchanting Stories.

ALLIUM By ALLIUM | November 15, 2018 | Italy

Escape the every day by nourishing mind, body and spirit

Italy has an astonishing number of castle and palace hotels that have opened in the last ten years.

Happily, castle hotels now abound, and proprietors are making a financial success of converting the ancient family home into a special destination for visitors.

Before unification in the 19th century, Italy was composed of a myriad of city-states—tiny countries, each with its own ruling family who were usually at odds with another aristocratic family in the next city.

Castles were built to demonstrate to outsiders that the sovereign living behind the walls was a power to be reckoned with.

With a superb landscape of snowcapped mountains and vast stretches of olive trees and vineyards, Umbria’s greatest charm lies with its medieval towns, hilltop fortresses, grand Romanesque churches, and monasteries filled with art treasures.

Located within the small hamlet of Castello di Campello Alto, Relais Borgo Campello is a scattered accommodation hotel where good rest, nature and the magic of ancient times are perfectly combined. The buildings are safe from the seismic point of view, as they were built and restored according to the strictest guidelines of the current anti-seismic regulations in force in Italy.

Daniela and Vincenzo will tell you enchanting stories about this magic place, a perfect location to shoot an Harry Potter or the Last Knight movie.

Relais Borgo Campello is part of the Cocoplaces circuit by COCO-MAT©.

Built in Middle Age, Relais Borgo Campello consists of three adjacent buildings, all with their own independent access to ensure the absolute privacy of their guests.

Rooms, suites and elegant apartments are all furnished with a careful eye for detail, in a style that combines ancient and modern, all fully respecting the surrounding nature.

Escape the every day by nourishing mind, body and spirit

Located beneath the panoramic terrace, 10 metres away from the main building and built inside the Castle walls, the spa is a special place, a one-of-its-kind. The perfect place for those who want to relax and find their proper mind-body balance. The spa at Relais Borgo Campello is a peaceful retreat, a place to unwind and experience one of the most luxurious spa day in Umbria. Breathe easy in the relaxation rooms, hot tubs, sauna and rainforest shower and I discover the true meaning of tranquil in this soothing and serene haven.

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