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MUFPP 2017, Valencia - Dr. Gary Gardner spoke about "Can a City Be Sustainable? State of the World"

peter g. evans By peter g. evans | October 26, 2017 | Spain

MUFPP 2017 - 3rd Annual Gathering and Mayors' Summit - Valencia, Spain Gary Gardner is Director of Publications at the Worldwatch Institute. Gary has written on a broad range of sustainability issues, from cropland loss and water scarcity to malnutrition and bicycle use. In 2016 he wrote, with more other Autor, "Can a City Be Sustainable? State of the World". Cities are the world’s future. The only debate is over how they will grow. Experts from around the globe examine the core principles of sustainable urbanism and profile cities that are putting these principles into practice. From Portland, Oregon, to Ahmedabad, India, local people are acting to improve their cities, even when national efforts are stalled. Issues examined range from how handling waste and developing public transportation to civic participation and navigating dysfunctional government. The most pressing challenges facing communities and the most promising solutions are currently being developed. The important result is a snapshot of cities today and a vision for global urban sustainability tomorrow.

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