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Vice President Pence in Panama

peter g. evans By peter g. evans | August 21, 2017 | United States

The Vice President said: the Panama Canal expansion has resulted in billions of dollars of investment in the United States, creating god-payng jobs for our people in manufacturing and transportation and agriculture, and ports across America are growing. In President Donald Trump, I think, the United States once again have a President whose vision, energy, and can-do spirit is reminiscent of President Teddy Roosevelt. We have a President who understands, in his words, “A nation is only living as long as it is striving.” I believe that one of the greatest opportunities before us is to build on the legacy of trade that made the last 100 years so historic for this Hemisphere. The Panama Canal is an enduring testament to the power of commerce to transform fortunes and shape the futures of nations. Published on Aug. 21, 2017 by The White House

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