The Libre Initiative

DareDevil By DareDevil | nov 01, 2012 | US-DC-29D695D4, (US)
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The Libre Initiative

Our Vision

We envision a prosperous U.S. Hispanic and Latino community, contributing directly to building a renewed and free American economy.

Join the Conversation!

Learn how freer societies have consistently helped individuals achieve a better quality of life, for themselves and for their children. LIBRE’s purpose is to inform and mobilize the American public, particularly Hispanics and Latinos in the U.S., to build a renewed American economy by protecting and promoting economic freedom, which serves to strengthen individuals, communities, and our nation.

LIBRE will partner with individuals and organizations to inform people across the country about econonomic freedom. LIBRE will develop a strong, effective and informed U.S. Hispanic/Latino grassroots movement through education, outreach, and network-building.

LIBRE leadership, with input from U.S. Hispanic and Latino leaders, will advocate for policies that increase economic freedom and encourage limited and more fiscally responsible government.

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