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Samuel Talks with "Eric Roberts " Actor , On Ezway TV

samuel  flynn By samuel flynn | diciembre 10, 2022 | United States

Samuel Talks with "Eric Roberts " Actor, On Ezway TV, Complimenting Eric, on his acting and asking for Acting Tipps and Advice for those that's new to the industry.

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What is eZWay TV? 

eZWay.TV , was born about 15 years ago really when the WhatuneedTV Youtube Channel was created in 2006 to help its subscribers to learn what they need to know to succeed their different lifestyle and business goals. After accumulating coverage of hundreds of a list celebrities, events and interviews, being in-house media for Akon's Convict Muzik 10,000 subscribers and 13,5000,000 views the eZWay TV World Wide youtube channel was created. (source : About Us – eZWay TV)

 (view the eZWay Family Celebrity Pitch Party 12-08-2022


What prompted me to ask the question was I know some people who are looking for tips to get started in the Acting industry. 

That Why Tips from another actor is always helpful thats why I asked ,Mr. Eric Roberts the Question. So very much appreciated by Samuel and Samuel Brock Flynn Show.





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