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SITE: The Way Forward For Companies In The US

Massimo Tolomei By Massimo Tolomei | mayo 07, 2020 | United States

SITE is a platform that aims to keep up with the changing world and enables individuals to move forward, in line with the developing technologies.

Pic of Stefano Borghi, CEO SITE SPA

From telecommunications to energy and transport, SITE covers all aspects that are related to technology and helps customers get the optimum smart-living experience. With a vision for innovation, SITE has set its path to reform the way different operations take place by introducing advanced technologies for support in the United States of America.

Check below for information on our services to see what we can bring to the table for companies in USA.


There’s a surge in the developments in the telecommunications sector. SITE is here to up their game and provide you with the ultimate service. For each of their services, they offer maintenance and any technical support that the clients may need.

  • Fixed-line networks

SITE helps clients in designing access and transport networks that are set up using high-quality copper and fiber-optic systems. The service entails equipment installation and testing as well. 

  • Mobile networks

Smart homes can only be smart if your mobile networks are built in a way to handle them effortlessly. SITE designs mobile networks, building sites, and building dedicated indoor and outdoor mobile coverage systems through DAS solutions.

  • Security and control network and systems

An effective security system is a key component to make sure your smart home is safe. SITE creates security networks and systems to ensure their clients’ safety. This includes installation and testing of various security devices such as CCTV, fire detectors, and much more.

  • Networking and IT

With a properly structured networking system, businesses and many more entities can exchange information and communicate effectively. SITE helps clients with structuring wiring systems, LAN and WAN networks, routing and switching, and more.


Many businesses and people with smart homes wish to utilize their energy consumption and opt for means that are much more sustainable than traditional means. SITE is here to help with this.

  • Medium and low voltage networks

 SITE offers its clients the opportunity to design power supply networks through efficient underground and overhead lines, building cabins, and substations.

  • Data centers

Whether it’s a small-scale or large-scale construction, SITE designs center systems that focus on energy efficiency at all costs.

  • Energy saving and efficiency

SITE excels in installing power factor correction systems, heat recovery systems, and co-trigeneration plants keeping energy efficiency in focus.

  • Renewable sources

With renewable energy being the go-to for power supply, SITE provides clients with Turnkey EPC solar systems, wind farms, and Turnkey biomass cogeneration plants. 


Providing efficient features to help with transportation means is another aspect that SITE covers.

  • Railway signaling system

Automatic Coded Block Systems and Train Control Systems are two major devices used to design railway safety signaling systems by SITE.

  • Telecommunication and network systems

SITE also provides clients with telecommunication systems within the transportation system service. It includes supplying and installing selective telephony and service telecommunication systems.

  • Tunnel public guidance and safety

SITE excels in providing effective safety solutions to its clients. It provides you with efficient system layouts that include installing mobile coverage systems and much more.

  • Power supply systems

Backup generators and UPS systems are essential for a transportation system. SITE ensures the right set up and system layout to meet its clients’ needs.

SITE aims to incorporate the advancements in technology with everyday activities for its clients to use and build a smarter system that focuses on efficiency and innovation.

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