Acidity and Health - alkaline body environment

Andres Castro By Andres Castro | settembre 24, 2014 | Italy

The chemical environment of the body affects the way that many different cells and proteins work. For example, the stomach needs to be acidic in order for digestive proteins to properly function. If an area of the body becomes too acidic or too alkaline, proteins can change their shape, this is why the balance between this two has been one of the top topics of medical studies in the past couple of years. Effects of Food The acidity and alkalinity of different food products has recently come into focus by groups that claim that you can increase your overall health by consuming alkaline foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Because the body has its own regulatory system for maintaining blood pH, it is unlikely that changing your diet can have any significant long-term effect on the alkalinity of your blood. As a result, there is not enough evidence to support the use of alkaline foods to treat any form of disease but some studies indicate that this types of food can work to prevent such deseases.

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